Soccer Betting: Guide to Soccer Bets and Odds

July 10


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Soccer is one of the most-watched sports worldwide with a staggering 3.5 billion fans according to FIFA. Many people are heavily invested in this sport as aside from the enjoyment of watching soccer matches, they can put their sports knowledge to the test by betting on various Singapore online sports betting sites. 

However, not everyone has extensive knowledge about soccer and it could be a disadvantage when they bet for money. Punters must be able to understand how the sport works including the type of wagers and how to read soccer odds to make their betting experience more fun and profitable.

The types of soccer bets are Moneyline, draw no bet, half-time, over/under goals market, first goal scorer betting, and parlay bet. When it comes to reading sg pools soccer odds it is important to note that bookmakers publish odds on their sports betting sites to serve two purposes: first, to indicate the implied probability or the outcome, and second, to indicate how much profit bettors can make if they bet on that outcome. 

Furthermore, such odds are displayed in either American, Decimal, and Fractional formats depending on the country where they are offering their services. The American odds is the primary odds format in the United States. The Fractional odds is the betting odds format options in the United Kingdom and the Decimal odds format is the most commonly used in Canada, Europe, Malaysia, and Singapore.

American odds might seem complicated but they are easy to understand and calculate. In this format, odds are presented with a negative (-) and positive (+) sign which indicates the favorite and the underdog. 

In Fractional odds, bookmakers write odds by using slash or dash to connect two numbers. Like American odds, this is also easy to understand and calculate. Lastly, Decimal odds are widely used worldwide as they are easier to understand than fractions. Also, calculating profit is in decimal format is straightforward.

If you want to get started on sports betting, you must understand the information mentioned. With that being said, you can read this infographic from 88ProAsia to learn more about soccer betting. 



Author: Charles Robinson