The Worlds Top 5 Male Poker Players

The Worlds Top 5 Male Poker Players

Being one of the worlds top five poker players, places a lot of pressure on a person. It is always difficult to stay in top of your game. There is always someone that would like to dethrone you and so much can change with just one tournament. But what makes you the best? Is it dependent on the amount of tournament wins, or WSOP bracelets? Who are the best 5 male poker players and why are they the best?

5th Best Male Poker Player in the World

In 5th position of the worlds best male poker players is an American man that converted to poker after seeing Chris Moneymaker win so big in 2003. Despite the fact that he only has one winning bracelet, David Peters has at age 33 built an incredible career for himself with total wins of over $30million. At the WSOP he has had 50 cash wins and made it to 8 final tables.

4th Best Male Poker Player in the World

27 year old Feder Holz from Germany – Now living in Austria – has since 2016 had a phenomenal poker run. In that year he won his first WSOP bracelet and has since won another. In that same year he also won big at the Triton Super High Roller. With 16 money finishes and 5 final tables, at the WSOP – all at his young age – he has made over $32million.

3rd Best Male Poker Player in the World

America is once again in the top 5 with 60 year old Erik Seidel who has had a phenomenal professional poker career since 1988. He has won 8 WSOP bracelets, had 92 money finishes, 35 final tables and came 2nd in the main event in 1988. This is not even mentioning all of his other amazing achievements.

Erik has made form himself close to $35million is his incredible 31 years of professional poker.

2nd Best Male Poker Player in the World

Hailing from Canada is Daniel Negreanu who sits as the worlds second best male poker player. Among his many poker achievements, including being inducted in the poker hall of fame in 2014, Daniel has won 6 WSOP bracelets, had 148 money finishes and made 45 final tables at the WSOP alone. With a poker career so vast, it is no wonder that he stands at about $40million in poker earnings.

The Worlds Best Male Poker Player

Justin Bonomo, a 35 year old American holds the title of the worlds bets poker player. In 2005 he was the worlds youngest poker player to be featured on live television at a final table and since then he has always been in the spotlight.

With 3 WSOP bracelets, 55 money finishes and 19 final tables, Justin has earned himself over $48million in poker. Proving that you do not need to win every tournament, or be in a hall of fame, to be the best. Justin currently resides in Las Vegas in the Panorama Towers.

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Author: Charles Robinson